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Printix is a cloud print management SaaS that eliminates the need to install traditional on-premise print management software with associated print servers, unleashing the benefits of modern and secure functionality. Designed for businesses of all sizes, experience cloud printing. 

Benefits of Cloud Printing:

• Greater Agility, Simplicity
• Significant Cost Savings – Quick ROI
• Free-up IT from print infrastructure management
• Increased Security and Compliance
• Support your Hybrid Workforce

Including Capture Capabilities:

• Scan to Sharepoint Online, OneDrive, and Email
• PDF and MS Word OCR
• Basic Image Processing
• Mobile Support


Use the MFP touchscreen to deliver scanned documents to workflow destinations.



Send to Email, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online.


Mobile Capture

Use the Printix App to capture and deliver images to your selected destination.



Use Kofax OCR to create searchable documents. 


Capture Workflows

With Printix Administrator create workflows for all or selected users. 

Unique Printix Features

True Cloud

  • Auto scaling, Healing and upgrade
  • Use public or private cloud storage
  • Consumption subscription models
  • Uptime guarantee, 99,9% or better

Intelligent Client

  • Supports printer discovery, monitoring, queue install and upgrade and data format conversion
  • Remote check, install and validate Go installations
  • Auto route print job, for direct or via the cloud print

Partner Portal

  • Central management of all tenants
  • Insight to the channel
  • SSO access to the individual customer tenants

Hybrid Office

  • Automatic discover and add home office printers
  • Automatic install print queues on locations
  • Print from home to office, office to office

True SSO (no sync)

  • One or multiple Azure AD
  • One or multiple Google WS
  • One or multiple Okta, OneLogin, Custom, AD

Easy Deployment

  • 5 simple steps to convert customers to Printix
  • NO interruption for the office workers
  • One solution with all print features included

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